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Update on Our Recruitment campaign.

This website is being develloped as part of a campain to recruit more players to our fold. From a tongue in cheek perspective, we currently only have two vacancies:
  - One musical director
  - One Band
Seriously though, the band is going through very lean times at the moment and in order to survive, we must recruit more players of all standards, and take on some non players who would like to learn.
There has been a positive response from notices placed on Facebook and Gumtree and it is hoped that some new players will be comming along in the next few weeks.
We have also had some interest from a couple of people from Kneller Hall who may be up for the challenge of helping develop the band and help with the function of Musical Director between them, possibly on an option of alternate weeks, but they have yet to meet the band and any arrangement of course will be subjectto band approval.

We've been to the barbers!

The feedback from the recent short program at the fund raising concert for Magna Carta Barbershop Chorus in Hampton was all positive. We started our performance with a rousing march by Souza followed by a soprano cornet solo. Sarah's song (A.Couch) had an airing and Three Blind Mice as a tuba solo. We finnished off the performance with John Betjeman's poem "Shropshire Lad" read, with a backing by the band, and in a new collaberation, a trio from the Magna Carta sang the last verse.

Other guest performers included Capital Concert Chorus who gave a very impressive program of harmony singing, and from their number a highly entertaining and skilled barbeshop quartet who entertained us beautifully with a few numbers.

It is pure coincidence that Capital Chorus and Capital Concert Brass share a simillar name and are based in the same London borough. Extrordinarily, this is the first time we've met! We hope this will be the first of several colaberative events. We'll be in touch guys!

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