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Recruiting New Players Now!

It would not be difficult to get the impression from looking at photos on this site that CCB is a full band with rehearsals heaving with bodies trying to get in the door. The fact is that this impression could not be further from the truth. We are currently going through lean times and are down to a handful of regular players who are band members. Many of our ex-members do come back to help us as deps on gigs, and we have a number of freinds who kindly help us out so that we can present a reasonable band capable of a decent sound at concerts. We are eternally grateful to these long standing freinds, but desperately need to fill their spaces with regular members.

If you are a brass player and able to get to Greenford on Monday evenings, we would be so grateful if you would come and join us.

Likewise, we are keen to recruit new players who are just starting out and we are happy to spend some time teaching and helping them develop.

We would also like to hear from people who may have played a bit in school years ago, or maybe back in their days in the military, and fancy having a blow again even if it means going back to very basic level.

Have you ever tried to blow a brass instrument? Fancy a try? Fancy learning to read music?

Please contact us at any time or use the links to find us on a Monday night.

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